FIRST Robotics - "The Varsity sport for the mind" 

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Monticello MAGIC - FIRST Robotics Team

Public Outreach with an afterschool STEM program: Monday May 6th - 3:15 - 4:00 at the middle school.

Congratulations to our team! We finished the North Star regional seeded 25th out of 60 teams.  A job well done for our rookie effort.  We still have a few public outreach programs to take our robot to, so stay informed through this website or with Kortenkamp. 

Top Row: Ryan Nitz, Forest Ward, Kyle Ross, Michael Gerber, Pranay Patel, Zach Meierhofer

Middle Row: Juan Dominguez, ROBOT (Soggy cRIO), Tony Kortenkamp

Bottow Row: Michael Witschen, Bill Burt

***PLEASE REGISTER through the STIMS robotics site.  Read this information that explains how this is done.  This is a REQUIREMENT before January 5th!***


Here you'll see the Robotic challenge for 2013 called Ultimate Ascent.  We must throw frisbees at targets and attempt to climb a structure.

Game Manual and Rules Here

We've been awarded the NASA Program Growth Grant for $6,500!  We are one of only 10 Minnesota schools who received a grant from NASA!  This means that our regional competition registration is completely covered by NASA and we can use the money that has been fundraised so far for other important expenses.

As a requirement for our NASA Grant every member of our team must complete a survey before January 5th, 2013.  Please go HERE and complete the survey, you'll need the team name and number from the left side of this page .  

Team Name: NASA & Monticello High School
Team Number: 4632

North Star Regional Results: 25th out of 60 teams.

Team Roster:

12th Grade:  Lealah Abraham, Juan Dominguez, Michael Gerber, Zach Meierhofer, Michael Witschen, Riely Wern, Austin Chase, Kyle Ross

11th Grade: Levi Biasco, Ryan Nitz, Derek Secord

10th Grade: Pranay Patel, Charlie Phillips, Forest Ward

9th Grade: Wyatt Erickson


Tony Kortenkamp, Bill Burt